Egalitarian Canada

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Aug 30, 2016 18:13
The first episode of the Canada-related series aired last Friday. On the show, Mr. Gao began his monologue with the introduction of Vancouver, the most well-known Canadian city to Chinese people, because more than one third of the city’s population are Chinese!

Before 1997, when the sovereignty of Hong Kong was to be transferred from the UK to the PRC, multitudes of Hong Kong people fled to Vancouver because they feared Communism. The people included cordon bleu chefs, so it’s said that Vancouver has the best dim sum in the world. With the PRC having grown to be the world’s second largest economy over the last three decades, freshly minted millionaires have been spit out a dime a dozen. The Chinese billionaires, for various reasons, have been going out of their way to emigrate. And, Vancouver, the world’s most livable city, seems to be the best choice for them. I’m aware that several of the richest people from my city have purchased properties in Vancouver. These billionaires, and other Chinese people like them, are driving up housing prices there.

Mr. Gao praised Canada as a welfare state where people’s human rights are respected and well protected. He said that when he went with Gregor Robertson, the mayor of Vancouver, to a downtown restaurant to have dinner, they were asked to wait in line. When it was their turn, the table happened to be on a balcony. The table was so low that they had to stoop over to eat the food! People in the restaurants knew he was the mayor, but no one would give up his or her table to him.

I was stunned and JEALOUS! In China, if a mayor goes to a restaurant, the place will either be cordoned off for security, or full of people who stand and applaud enthusiastically! I wouldn’t say it’s like North Korea, because people here only take it as a useful means to curry favor with official who have political powers. The Chinese society still has a long way to go to be egalitarian.