#1 Is China Changing Hollywood?

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Dec 19, 2016 16:10
Why would China changing Hollywood? The answer is simple: money.

The Chinese movie market has been growing fast over the last few years, and will surpass the US to be the world’s largest in a year or two. Hollywood blockbusters are very well-liked in China. Nearly every Hollywood movie released in China reaps a huge box office; some movies have grossed more money than they have in the US, such as Transformers 4, Zootopia, and Fast and Furious 7.

Motivated by earnings, Hollywood big fishes won’t miss out on any single opportunity to grab a slice of the action and jump on the bandwagon. They try to avoid anything that may seem sensitive to the Chinese government. For instance, the 2016 movie “Dr. Strange” had originally been scripted in relation to Tibet, but in the end, the scenario was changed. In disaster movies, many iconic structures around the world may be destroyed, but not those in China.

In Hollywood blockbusters, the image of China now tends to be positive. Sometimes, as an ally of the US, China works together to fight back alien attacks. The movie companies also inject Chinese movie stars into the films as a box office draw for the Chinese market. For example, in the latest “Star Wars” movie “Rogue One,” two Chinese movie stars make cameo appearances. Actually, Chinese people don’t care about Hollywood pandering to China; they will go watch the movies, as long as they have good word of mouth. Some people say that it’s because the film companies want to show their friendliness to the Chinese government in order to pass its strict censorship. Therefore, it’s very strange to me that in the US news media, China is the runner-up enemy of the US, but in movies, all of sudden, the nation turns out to be a buddy. (Interestingly, both in the US news media and Hollywood movies, Russia is unfailingly a nemesis to the US. Haha.)