#2 Mysterious Amulet - Yin and Yang

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Jan 7, 2017 20:34
My friend didn’t go to Thailand, but when my friend heard that lady was going to the nation to buy Buddha amulets, she asked the lady to bring one. To be precise, it was “to invite” rather than “to buy,” because it would be impolite to say “‘buy’ a Buddha.”

When that lady arrived at the temple, my friend texted some basic personal information such as her birth date and gender to her. The monks divined her future, chose the most suitable Buddha, cast a spell on a piece of red silk, and covered it on the amulet.

“How much is this amulet?” I asked.

“500 US dollars,” that lady replied.

“Wow, that’s expensive!” I exclaimed.

My friend said calmly, “It’s worth the price. Buddhas are priceless! This is such a precious Yang amulet.”

Surprised, I asked her, “Yang? There must be Yin amulets.”

“You’re right,” she said. Then, she explained to me what were Yang amulets and Yin amulets.

Yang was the active cosmic principle in Chinese dualistic philosophy. Yang amulets carried force given by gods. You’d better wear them, say, little Buddhas, medallions, above your waist, or simply hang them around your neck as necklaces, the reason being that in this way they can easily absorb Yang elements, say, the sun, from the universe.

Yin represented the passive/hidden cosmic principle in Chinese dualistic philosophy. A Yin amulet carried a component of a monk's corpse, for instance, a dead body’s hair, bones, teeth, relics remained after cremation etc.

Mouth agape, I asked, “Isn’t it scary to carry a dead body’s part on yourself all the time?”

My friend cut in, “Hush… You idiot! You have no idea how many Hong Kong celebrities and billionaires wear Yin amulets!”

It turned out that many people believed Yin amulets were very efficacious - even more so than Yang amulets, because gods’ love tended to be philanthropic and it wasn’t that easy to collect enough Yang elements that floated around universe, while the ghost you carried with yourself was exclusively protecting you, or bringing you luck and wealth. But, watch out! Sometimes, you had to give because you took. The life of someone who wore a Yin amulet was likely to be shortened, because s/he had to use his/her life to nourish the ghost. Besides, you was supposed to wear Yin amulets below your waist; otherwise, it would occupy your whole body.

Some Chinese people believed in these amulets, but China wasn’t a strict Buddhist nation, so they went to Thailand, where they believed there were more experts.















#1 Mysterious Amulet - A Small Buddha

Tonight, a former classmate, treated me to dinner at a downtown restaurant. When we got there, the place was already packed. Lines of people were waiting outside. We took a number printed out of a machine. Our number revealed that there were a dozen or so customers waiting for “small tables.” We estimated that it would take us at least half an hour to be seated, so my friend suggested going out to kill time, since a message would be sent to her phone when it was our turn.

We had hardly gotten out of the restaurant when she grabbed me and said, “I’m taking you to a beauty shop!”

Puzzled, I said, “I’m not going. I’m not interested in hairdressing and beauty stuff, at all. Those are you ladies’ things!”

She laughed and said, “Come on! A friend got me a mysterious gift from Thailand. She’s waiting for me at the shop.”

When we got there, my friend took out her phone to call her mysterious friend. After her a few words into the phone, a lady sitting in a corner with a mask on her face started waving at us. When we got closer to her, that lady said loudly, “Wow, you are more beautiful than your profile pic!”

I thought, “Are you ladies meeting for the first time?”

Then, the lady drew a red package out of her handbag. She carefully lifted a red handkerchief that had been covering a little transparent box, in which sat a small Buddha. Ah, it was an amulet!

“Is this the first time you've met her?” I asked my friend.

“Yeah, it’s the first time in person. Previously, we only on Wechat,” She said. “You know what, this amulet’s very very special. She FaceTimed with me the whole process of getting it out of a temple.”

I scratched my head and held my breath for her story.