[4] My 2017 Travel to the US -- Hello Seattle

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Apr 9, 2017 23:09
On the way back to the light rail station, I enjoyed the beautiful campus scenery. It was lunchtime, but in order to save time, I just grabbed two Starbucks sandwiches on the go. I knew there were many places worth visiting at Washington University, such as the Hogwarts-like library and Lake Washington, but since I would leave Seattle in six hours, I thought I might as well save them for the next time and get downtown as quickly as possible.

I got off the rail at the station nearest to Pike Place Market. After walking 10+ minutes across several downtown hills, I reached the market. It was packed and noisy, very different from the urban core, which was much quieter and less populated than I’d expected. The market was interesting and seemed like a bazaar to me. People were hawking souvenirs, handicrafts, home-made snacks and seafood. While selling seafood, several vendors performed an exotic ritual to drum up business. The crowd cheered.

I spotted the first Starbucks store, outside of which there was a long line. I didn’t buy coffee there because I heard it tasted no different from any other shop’s. I only purchased one drinking mug with a sign “The First Store” on it. In a nearby shop, I bought a Space Needle miniature and a refrigerator magnet. The reason why I bought only one item of each kind was that they were all MADE IN CHINA! It would be ridiculous for me to bring them home as presents for my friends. Back in China, “Taobao” (an online marketplace) has them for a dime a dozen. Later when I was in Oregon, I also only bought one of each souvenir. Back home, these items would remind me of these places. They would bring back beautiful memories.

When I finished strolling at the market for about one hour, there were still four hours left. I decided to go to the Space Needle, which was a 20+ minutes’ walk away. When I arrived, the sun suddenly came out. It became sunny! I was ecstatic and snapped selfies with the Space Needle. Since it turned sunny, I decided to go back to the Spike market. The oceanic view there would be fantastic in the sun. It was!! I walked through the market and still had three hours to go, so I just strolled leisurely toward the train station.

[4] 我的2017年美国之旅 -- 你好!西雅图。