The Czech Republic

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May 24, 2017 23:49
Today, one of my colleagues set off for Europe. He’s going to travel to Germany and the Czech Republic. Actually, his trip is mainly to the Czech Republic and he’s just going to transfer in Germany. He said that he was going to stay in Prague for more than a week. I’m so jealous because I’ve never been to Europe before. But the incidents constantly reported in Chinese media during the past few years of many Chinese tourists being robbed in France and Italy put a damper on my desire to go to Europe.

Moments ago, I happened to see a news article saying that a Czech auto maker is planning to enter the Chinese market. The article adds that Sino-Czech relations have been very good thoughout the past century. Back in the 1950s, as a Communist nation, Czechoslovakia was among the first nations to acknowledge the PRC’s permanent membership in the United Nations. Even when it later turned into a capitalist nation, the Czechs invariably supported the PRC. For example, the president of the Czech Republic was the only European leader present at a military parade in Beijing two years ago. The president also went to Nanjing to lay a wreath at the Nanjing Massacre museum in honor of the people who died during the Rape of Nanking. The article also briefly introduces the history of the Czech Republic and says it was constantly invaded by its neighboring powers.

It sounds like the Czech Republic is an interesting country. I’m looking forward to my colleague sharing his "bearable-lightness-of-traveling" experiences when he returns. :-)