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Aug 13, 2017 22:56
A few years ago, a colleague of mine gave me a big package of trail mix after her trip to the US. I didn’t know the snack name back then, and just took it as a normal snack, nothing more than a mix of dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate. (Actually, it was.) This snack tasted very nice so I finished eating it in a single day.

In China, you can get nuts, dried fruits, and button-sized chocolate from supermarkets as well. M&M’s have even entered into the Chinese market and are very popular among kids. However, I’d never seen any snack like that, with these three kinds of food mixed into one. I thought, “Perhaps it’s as American as apple pie. Definitely a smart choice to bring back snacks like this to one’s friends.”

Two years ago, before leaving the US, I went to a Target to choose snacks/food as gifts for my friends. In addition to Enfamil (infant formula is a very popular present here), I bought a dozen bags of trail mix. This time, I noticed the food name, but I still didn’t have a clue why it bore this name. Anyways, I didn’t think much of it, as I felt like Americans always liked to give strange names to their food. After coming back to China, I set aside four packages of them for myself, giving the rest to my friends. Well, I actually wasn’t a big fan of nuts and chocolate because I knew they were high in calories. However, since this food was from America, foreign food that I wouldn’t have many chances to get, I binge ate it and finished it in a couple days, with the nutritional facts totally slipping my mind.

The other day, I came across the food name “trail mix” in an article. The writer said that he hiked into a far-flung part of the Rocky Mountains. Off the grid for a few days, he had subsisted on trail mix, compressed biscuits, etc… Upon seeing that, I now knew what the food name meant: “a mix of high-calorie food for hikers on a trail…” I suddenly regretted having eaten so much of that back then, which was unhealthy for an urbanite who wasn’t about to hike to the wild. ;-P

几年前,我的一个同事从美国回来后,送给我一大包trail mix。我当时候不知道这种零食的名字,只当做一种普通的零食,不过是果脯、干果和巧克力的混合物而已。这种零食吃起来很好吃,我一天就吃完了。


两年前,离开美国前,我去了一家Target商场,打算选礼品送给朋友们。除了美赞臣,我还买了十几包trail mix。这次,我倒是注意到名字了,不过却不知道为什么叫做trail mix,我也没多想,反正美国人喜欢给食物起怪名字。回国后,我自己留了4包,剩下的给了朋友。其实,我平时不怎么吃巧克力和干果,因为我知道卡路里含量高。不过呢,这些食物是从美国带来的,平时没有机会吃,我就一口气两三天全部吃完了。什么卡路里不卡路里的,全部抛到九霄云外。

几天前,我在看一篇文章的时候,又碰到了trail mix。文章作者说,他徒步去了落基山的深山老林处,手机没信号,吃了好几天的trail mix和压缩饼干。看到这里,我终于明白为什么叫做trail mix 了,原来是一种专门给徒步者准备的高热量的混合(mix)食物,在路上(trail)吃的。。。我真是服了。。突然后悔吃了那么多,这对一个根本没出去徒步的城市人,是一点都不健康的。哈哈哈。
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