(2/4) A Weird Hike – A Strange Tradition

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Aug 14, 2018 02:12
After the hike, we took a bus to a restaurant on the outskirts of town. I thought I could finally re-energize myself after enduring such a long haul by eating a full meal. However, before eating they practiced a strange tradition that lasted nearly an hour. I was starving the whole time.

All the Hashers stood in front of the restaurant and formed a circle. The leaders chose three guys and asked them to form a row in the center and bend over. Several young ladies were asked to rate their butts. The guy who had the sexiest butt had to sit on a large block of ice and "got pissed." Several Hashers took turns having a “down-down” on him (ridiculing him) and some others shook the bottles, popped the caps, and sprayed the gushing beer at that poor guy, who in the end was formally given a Hash name by the leadership. Three guys went through this ritual, so the process lasted a while. The Hash names sounded rather strange: Rusty Trombone, Mr. Fart, and Pussy Controller. They also sang drinking songs: “She’s all right, she’s all right, she’s got a flat chest, she’s all right.,” and “He’s all right…, he’s got tweeny-weeny penis, he’s all right.”

During this ritual, I said to my introverted friend who’d dragged me to this club, “Interesting! Wouldn't have expected you to join a club like this.”

He replied, “I just wanna go for hikes on weekends. And this club has well-planned routes.”


I’ve never studied in an English-speaking country. Do young people drink like that in your homeland?