The West Coast of The US

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May 8, 2016 23:41
Last year, after I went to LA, which is on the West Coast of the US, I decided that I wanted to go to the East Coast next time. I heard that there were vast regional differences between the West Coast and the East Coast, so I wanted to experience both cultures. But now, it seems like I have to go to the West Coast again, because some friends of mine live/ have settled in the West Coast, and I will go visit them.

My cousin, Dan, finished his PhD studies and found a job as a process engineer in Sam Research, Portland. He once decided to go back to China, but sadly, having a doctorate doesn’t ensure a decent job in China. Due to many reasons, these days it hasn’t been a wise choice for young people to do a PhD in China. He told me that Oregon is one of two states without sales tax, making it an ideal place for shopping.

Jojo, my college classmate, now works and lives in Sacramento, CA, near San Francisco. In university, she was one of the most hardworking students. After graduating, she went to work in Guangzhou, a big city in Southern China. She met a lot of American people there who encouraged her to study further in the US. With effort, she made it into an MBA school in Davis, CA. She always said she wanted to go back to China, because she felt a great deal of nostalgia. In the end, she chose to stay in the US, because she found love there.

Shirley, my elementary school classmate, is going to study law at USC in LA this July. We are very good friends and usually hang out during weekends. But when she decided to study law in the US, she spent every weekend in a local library preparing for exams. Now, she has realized her dream, and I am so happy for her. We promised to visit her in LA, where she will show us around the city.

I wish them good luck in the US. I am thinking about renting a car in order to drive from the north to the south along the West Coast, some day.




Shirley, 我一个小学同学,今年7月也要去美国念书了。我们是很好的朋友,周末经常在一起玩。但后来决定去美国读法律后,每个周末都泡在图书馆里准备考试。现在她实现了她的梦想,真心为她高兴。我们答应去洛杉矶找她玩,她也带我们玩转洛杉矶。

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