An Enjoyable Time in a Library

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Jun 27, 2016 01:49
Today, I went to a library in my city to return my overdue books and pay the fines. I was glad to see that the library was packed with people reading, checking out books, and researching. Chinese media say that, according to statistics, most Chinese people don’t read. It’s true. Most of us read little after graduating from school, either because we're fed up with reading and cramming for exams at school, or because what we’re most interested in is making money.

In recent years, the government has been investing in library infrastructure, in order to promote public reading. There’s indeed been an improvement. The libraries in cities are very modern. Few librarians are needed, because the process of borrowing and returning books is automatic. In addition, the comfortable environment has attracted a growing number of people. Today, I saw people of all ages in there. I was even surprised to witness several pairs of young parents pushing their baby carriages along the aisles between bookshelves.

After I returned my economics books, I went up to the foreign literature section on the fourth floor and stopped at the English magazine section. I drew out several copies of “The New Yorker”, went to the reading room, sat at a desk (with a superb river view lol), and started reading. Holy shit! The articles are beautifully written! These folks can really write!

When I was in university, I would read some English literature. My favorite English writer is George Orwell. I was impressed with his witty, sarcastic language. Surprisingly, “Animal Farm” is not banned here. Haha. But later I tried to avoid reading works written many years ago, for fear of inadvertently learning unnatural sentences or obsolete words. After graduating from university, I read very little, but now I've decided to read more in the future. I’m thinking about borrowing best-sellers such as “A Song of Ice and Fire” in a few days.

Who is your favorite writer? What are your favorite book, and favorite magazine?