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Mar 12, 2017 01:44
The other day I went to watch the movie “Logan.” I enjoyed the movie but felt a bit sad at the same time -- Wolverine and Professor X both died in the movie, though I knew they are imaginary characters. The thing is their deaths mark the end of this series, which means the X-men movies I grew up watching have come to an end.

In the movie, Logan’s healing power was declining and was killed by X-24. Professor X was also killed by X-24 and died in a disgraceful way. He became senile and weak, and was stabled to death off his guard. However, in the previous series, Wolverine was invincible because he could recover very soon from any injuries. Professor X was omnipotent. He and his X-man students could turn the world around.

Perhaps some other actors may play Wolverine and Xavier in the future, but that will seem weird to me. Thank you Hugh Jackman! Thanks for your great acting as Wolverine in the past 17 years!



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