Xiaosongpedia - A Famous Online Talk Show

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Aug 29, 2016 16:34
Xiaosongpedia is one of the two most influential online talk shows in China. The host’s name is Gao Xiaosong. Mr. Gao is a songwriter, famous in China, who moved to LA a decade ago. But he’s still very active in the Chinese entertainment scene. A very well-travelled artist, he started making an online talk show on his own four years ago to share his overseas experiences. Although he’s not good looking and has a bad reputation for his private life, his comprehensive knowledge and his descriptive, witty, and humorous language makes the show extremely well-received by netizens. Every episode has millions of views and thousands of comments.

His shows mainly involve other countries’ history and culture. In each episode about a certain country, he sits at the country’s iconic place and delivers his 45-min monologue, like a lecturer addressing a class. For example, in one episode where he was talking about the Jewish history in Israel, he sat at an ancient wall in Jerusalem, with Islamic chanting coming from the distance. Big-name online travel agencies fight to be his sponsor, because the sponsor’s brand will be displayed prominently on the show.

He's alleged that he is neither left-wing nor right-wing, but from his monologues, I can tell that he is leaning to the left. He talks about the US the most, simply because he’s lived in the US for a long period, and is thus familiar with the country. He also likes to talk about European countries, the Middle East, Japan, and Taiwan. But he’s never talked about Canada. A lot of people have asked him why, and expressed hope that he would make several episodes about Canada. He says that Canada's not as distinctive as many other countries, so he doesn't know what to talk about, but he promised to make several episodes about Canada, and then flew to Niagara Falls to prepare for his show.