Simple Words and Gratitude

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Oct 5, 2017 00:09
I came back home yesterday and went to see my grandfather. He's open-minded and easy-going so basically I feel no generation gap between us. We talked a lot last night.

When the Las Vegas shooting news hit the screens, I asked him whether he'd felt safe during his recent trip to the US. The news also reminded me of cautioning him not to inadvertently trespass into other people's yards because "Americans have guns."

He replied that he actually felt safe in the US, at least the area where he'd stayed. He also said that he jogged around the community for an hour every day. "Every family's yard was beautiful. They looked like finely-designed gardens. It looked to me as if there was a silent gardening competition going on..."

At first, he was afraid of getting lost so he didn't go far. After staying in that community for a month, he became familiar with the place, so he even jogged into the woods. One day, he felt a bit tired on the way back so he sat down to rest by the road. An American lady saw him, pulled off the road, walked over to him and offered to give him a ride. My grandfather didn't understand English so he had no idea what was going on. That American took a piece of paper out of her car and tried to draw something on it. My grandfather saw the drawing and started to understand that the American was asking him if he needed a ride. He then shook his head and pointed to the community nearby, meaning that he lived just over there.

My grandfather had told me the story all in Chinese until he blurted out, "Thank you very much! Have a good day!" in English. He said he'd used these phrases to thank that American for her kindness.

I was very surprised that my grandfather had just done a great job pronouncing these two expressions, though I knew he always believed that, even with only simple words, gratitude could come across.





我爷爷在讲上面的故事的时候,一直说中文,然后突然蹦出两句英语来“Thank you very much! Have a good day!” 他说他对美国人说了这两句英语,表示感谢。

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