(1) Vocabulary Building -- Bumpkins

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Nov 7, 2017 01:45
In English, there are many impolite words to describe unsophisticated and awkward country people. For example, bumpkin, hick, yokel, hillbilly, hayseed, clodhopper, and rube. It seems to me that the words “hayseed” and “clodhopper” are not frequently used. Am I right? And some dictionaries say that the word "hick" is mainly confined to white people. Is that the case?

Sources also say that the synonyms of “bumpkin” include clod, oaf, and yahoo, but I don’t think these three words are confined to describing those from rural areas, are they? This is the first time I've learned that the word “yahoo” means more than the portal website.

I know that there’s a disparaging term that “bumpkins” use to call a city dweller: city slicker. Are there any more?


在英语中,有很多词形容乡巴佬。比如 bumpkin, hick, yokel, hillbilly, hayseed, clodhopper, and rube。但似乎,“hayseed” 和 “clodhopper” 不怎么常用,不知道对不对。一些词典还说,hick专门指白人,不知道对不对。

资料还说,bumpkin 的同义词还包括 clod, oaf, and yahoo, 但这三个词好像不专门指乡下人吧。这也我第一次得知yahoo还有这个意思。

我还知道一个“乡巴佬”对城里人反唇相讥的词:city slicker。还有没有类似的词语呢?