(1/2) 1408 and Stephen King

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Jun 3, 2018 03:58
Today a friend of mine treated me to dinner. He lives in an expensive condo at the urban center. Near his apartment building is a huge commercial complex where there are many high-end restaurants and beauty salons.

After dining out at a Japanese restaurant, my friend suggested that we see a movie. I checked on my phone to see if there was any new movie on, but found none. My friend then said he knew a nice private cinema that exclusively showed old movies, and led the rest of us into a vintage parlor tucked away in that commercial compound.

The cinema’s design was pretty retro, with a few decorative movie reels and record players placed next to the counter where customers fetched their espressos, and a painted mural on the back wall, from which Audrey Hepburn were beaming down at the patrons passing by. Anyways, this place was a good escape from the bustling crowds outside. I joked that only the rich living in this upscale neighborhood would like to squander money on watching these old movies that the poor like me would download and watch on computers.

The four of us all agreed to see a horror movie and a staff member recommended 1408. We’d never heard of the film but accepted that, because the movie had gotten a 7.6 out of 10 on Douban, a famous Chinese movie-review website, meaning that it was basically not bad.

We went into a well air-conditioned room, flopped back on a wide chintz sofa, and started watching. The movie turned out to be a 2007 American psychological horror film, which told the story of an unsuccessful thriller writer who explored allegedly haunted houses across the US and ended up dead in a room on which he set a fire.