(2/2) National Flags

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Oct 1, 2017 03:26
Among the few countries I’ve been to, the US seems to be the only one that likes to hang the national flag. That’s not to say that every part of the US does so. On the US west coast (Washington, Oregon and California), I didn’t see many ordinary people's houses displaying the Stars and Stripes. But in the midwestern US (Nebraska), the number seemed to be much greater. One night, while driving past a community, I was surprised to see that every family had displayed the national flag. I even saw a Stars and Stripes spread out on a lawn in front of a house. The flag was decorated in a fancy way, with a wreath atop and some lights around it. Conspicuous in the dark, the scene made me think how this family held the flag dear. I guessed that perhaps one of the family members might have served in the US Army or something.

I’ve never been to the eastern US. A friend of mine (who attended the University of Pennsylvania) told me that she had once stumbled upon a community where national flags were displayed on every house. What surprised her more was that everyone stared at her and her African American friend with a strange look. This combination -- a young Asian lady and an elderly black man -- seemed very strange to them (whites). She then fled the place as quickly as possible. She said that was the first time she’d experienced racism. Hearing that, I couldn’t help but laugh. These people didn’t know the story behind my friend's friend. I know this African American. He once coached a basketball team in China. I once ate out with him, a very kind man indeed.



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