#4 The Second Stupid Public Speaking Gig - Learning Experience

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Aug 26, 2016 02:32
I tried to use Q&A and games with presents to make people stay. When the event hit the one hour mark, I attempted to insert interesting information into my speech. I’d expected people to be interested in this and consider it useful. I also elaborately embedded advertising into it. However, people had all dispersed gradually before I finished my speech, which was quite daunting. So, I had to invite the dance group back onto the stage, in order to attract a new crowd. I couldn’t have just talked to nobody, could I?

Besides, there was one thing about marketing that I’d learnt in this activity - inducements work. During the long break between speeches, we staged a game that successfully attracted lines of people. In the past, we used to give the customers small gifts like ball pens, umbrellas, etc., if they filled out our questionnaires. They either took the presents for granted, or turned their noses up at them. But this time, we set up a big board with a dozen hoops of varying size on it. People should stand 3 meters away from the board and hit shuttlecocks through the hoops. The smaller the hoop was, the bigger the present would be. The biggest was worth thousands of yuan. They really liked to try this, even if they were asked to fill out a form first. And the board was covered with many colorful advertising signs.

I don’t like MC tasks at all, because I prefer not to stand out. However, if I’m obliged to do this, I think I’d better pluck up my courage and try to make the best of it. After all, I can learn something from it and it’s no use resenting it. In the past, I tended to ignore noisy activities like this whenever I was in a shopping mall, but next time, I will stop by and observe them, in order to learn anything that might improve my skills.