Powdered Infant Formula is the Best Present

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Apr 17, 2016 17:31
Last year, when I was buying up all the infant formula at a Walmart in Lincoln, Nebraska, a local saw it and said, “It seems like you have a bunch of kids.” Actually, I haven't even gotten married. Forcing a smile, I said, “I bought them for colleagues and friends back in China.” Apparently, she didn’t know that, for most Chinese people, when they travel overseas and decide to bring something back home for their friends, infant formula has become the preferred gift.

Several years ago, almost every dairy company in China was reported to be involved in a melamine scandal. Their products were proved to have been contaminated with this chemical and reportedly sickened thousands of infants. The public panic over the quality of milk powder broke out and Chinese parents started to purchase it from abroad for their babies. From then on, milk powder from countries like the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, etc. became ubiquitous and popular on shelves in supermarkets or online shops.

So, when a Chinese person visits these countries, he or she tends to be requested by his or her friends to buy dairy products for them. It is said that all the milk powder in a supermarket can be quickly sold out after Chinese people visit it. The local residents end up having no chance to buy any and protest. Therefore, the supermarkets in these places have to limit the amount each shopper can purchase.

It will take many years for Chinese consumers to regain their confidence in the domestic dairy industry. In the foreseeable future, milk powder will still be the best present.


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