A Rant about the English Language

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Jun 13, 2016 01:51
After graduating university, I didn't have many chances to use the English language, so I stopped studying it for nearly two years. Although I found my English skills were getting rusty, I didn’t care. I thought that since I wouldn't be moving overseas anyway, knowing the basics would be enough for when I traveled abroad.

I changed my mind later. I didn’t want my years of effort to go down the drain, so I decided to continue studying. However, regrettably, I find myself facing the relentless drudgery of dictionary thumbing.

This language is known for its extensive vocabulary. OMG. It has far too many words!! To build up my vocabulary, I’m armed to the teeth with a multitude of specialized dictionaries, such as thesauri, phrasal verb dictionaries, idiom dictionaries, not to mention household ones such as Oxford, Webster's, and AHD…

But sometimes, I still come across new words that I can’t find in these dictionaries, then I will use the ultimate tool – the Internet. Slang? Look it up on Urban Dictionary. A special term? Google it. And a proper noun? Look it up in Wikipedia.

I know there are such things as “word roots,” but they on many occasions will be useless, simply because the etymology of English is too varied and complicated. Sometimes it seems to me that the English language is made up of borrowed words from other languages and this seems to be very lazy! – like as if Pac-Man is swallowing things nonstop and swelling in size.

Worse still, not every native speaker is able to rein in those monstrous words. For example, sometimes, when I encounter a new word that has been misspelled by a native speaker, I have to look up every possible correct spelling and keep guessing until it makes sense. There were some expressions that I'd learnt elsewhere (especially on websites) that were corrected here on Lang-8, and on second thought, I think the editors here are right.

Learning the English language is too hard. :'( and it will be a lifelong battle...










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