Exotic American News Programs

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Jan 12, 2017 01:41
In order to improve my English, I started watching American TV news programs two months ago. I really enjoy them. Even though I had a basic understanding of the American society, I felt these new programs introduced me to an exotic land; even the background music of these programs sounded interesting! The American fabric of society, politics, and culture are very different from my own nation’s. For example, the American presidential election sounded quite like a drama to me. However, the novelty began wearing off recently, because I found what they reported was a bit monotonous. Basically, these programs invariably centered around the topics, as follows:

1) President-elect Trump constantly tweeted. He was straight-forward, and thus what he tweeted always became news. Then, the TV programs invited experts to analyze and comment. If what Trump said proved to “go overboard,” then blonde Kellyanne Conway would appear to defend the president-elect and save the day, saying what the media had interpreted wasn’t what he’d intended.

2) Vladimir Putin tampered with the vote. Russians hacked into many American systems. Putin quite often appeared on the screen, sometimes with profiles in which he was giving the evil eye, presented much like an eagle-eyed tsarist demon. It said that Putin was pro-Trump, had interfered with the vote, and compromised Hillary’s team. I’ve seen this issue being reported for over one month, but it seems there is no confirming evidence yet.

3) Gun crimes. I often saw gun shooting news on these programs. Several days ago, a person opened fire at an airport in Florida, killing and wounding several people. It sounded like he was a veteran. Before that, I saw the news reporting that a shopping mall in New Jersey burst into pandemonium because a person in the crowd yelled “gun!,” and then the people screamed as they dispersed. It later turned out to be a false alarm.

4) Snow storms. Will it be all about heat waves in summer?

As you can guess, the programs I’m watching are left-leaning, and I don’t know what FOX news is like. Apart from the aforementioned topics, news about celebrities’ deaths, racism, etc. was occasionally inserted.

Despite the same topics being parroted over and over, I think I will still stick to watching them, because it has become my regimen. :-)

1) 特朗普特别喜欢用推特。他的话风直来直去,所以也就经常成为新闻热点。然后,电视节目就请来专家分析和评论,如果特朗普说的内容却是有点过分了,然后Conway金发美女就及时救场,说特朗普本意非如此。

2) 普京干预美国大选。俄国人黑客攻击美国多个系统。普京经常上新闻,有时候会配一些普片,在图片中,普京眼神犀利,看起来像个沙皇般的恶魔人物。据说普京是支持特朗普的,然后祸害希拉里团队。我都看了一个多月了,好像仍然没有结果。

3) 枪击案。新闻上的枪击案时有发生。几天前,有人在佛罗里达州某机场开枪,导致死伤数人。好像那个人是一个退伍老兵?在此之前,新泽西州某商场里的人群乱作一团,因为有人大喊“枪!”,然后人群迅速退散,大声喊叫。

4) 暴风雪。是不是夏天会是热浪呢?