Hacksaw Ridge

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Dec 9, 2016 02:14
Tonight I watched a movie called “Hacksaw Ridge,” which tells a fascinating true story of one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific theater of World War II. The leading character, Doss, has grown up as a son of an alcoholic, abusive, World War I veteran in Virginia. When the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, he enlists, against his father’s wishes. However, as a Seventh Day Adventist, he has vowed never to take anothers’ life, so he never touches a gun and decides to enroll as a “conscientious objector/cooperator.” At first, he’s perceived as a coward and is mercilessly bullied by his peers. But later, in the battlefield, he works as a medic and saves the lives of 75 of his fellow soldiers.

The movie was directed by Mel Gibson, who knows how to present bloody scenes vividly. The bullet impacts just seemed so real. It's not like a solider gets shot and just falls. He gets shot and his body violently twists and reacts to the bullet. The movie struck a chord with me. I could feel the intensity of the war: the whizzing bullets, the billowing smoke, the leaping fire, the mutilated bodies, the severed heads, and the spouting viscera. I hope the world will never face WWIII, but lots of people have premonitions of a global war.

这部电影由梅尔吉布森导演。他懂得如何呈现血腥的战场。子弹场景显得很真实。当士兵中枪时,不是简单地倒下。而是身体痉挛,对子弹有全身反应。这部电影引起了我的共鸣。我可以感受到战场的残酷场景: 呼啸而过的子弹、滚滚浓烟、熊熊烈火、身躯致残、脑体分离,还有喷出的内脏。我希望这个世界不要再有第三次世界大战,但很多人感觉到一场全球性的战争并不遥远。