(1/4) A Weird Hike – Hot Weather

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Aug 12, 2018 03:09
Last weekend, a friend dragged me to a hiking meetup group called “Hash House Harriers.” This running social club was supposed to be international and have branches all around the world. Nearly 40 members (they called themselves "hashers") participated in the event last Sunday. Well, it WAS international because more than 20 of them were non-Chinese. There were at least 10 people from English-speaking countries. Based on their accents, I imagine two or three were from the UK and seven or eight were from the US.

That was the first time I’d gone on a hike like that. We ran or hiked more than 10km for around two hours. We followed the signs, actually flour, strewn along the trail. The signs could be tricky, because on some crossroads the flour was basically an unnoticeable dot, or on the back of trees, so you could hardly spot it. Some parts of the route weren't even trails so we had to “blaze” them. The slopes were so steep that I had to grab tree branches to climb them, with thorns pricking my arms and legs. I slipped over moss and ferns while climbing down. That was awkward but I was not the only one, as I saw many muddy butts at the end of the hike. :-)

It was okay that the route was difficult. What made the hike a horrible experience was the hot and extremely humid weather. It was like I was rock climbing in a huge sauna, sweating profusely. I downed three bottles of water but was still thirsty so I binged water at the destination. A Floridian friend of mine usually complains about how terrible the summer in Florida is. I’ve met a few Floridians here and they all said the climate here (in southern China) and that in Florida were quite similar…, so they’d just jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. Haha.

Speaking of the climate, I still miss the US west coast, where the climate (Mediterranean) is the most comfortable I’ve ever experienced. I assume that’s perhaps the reason Hollywood studios and tech giants have congregated there, or just look at Jerusalem, a city holy to the three major Abrahamic religions. I just can’t explain what the Mediterranean climate is like to many Chinese people, because this type of climate is missing here. The place has to be on the WEST COAST of a CONTINENT in temperate latitudes, as witnessed by cities such as LA, Jerusalem and Perth, Australia. I’ve been on Highway 1 in CA, and I’m thinking about driving Highway 101 in Oregon because I saw a Reddit post that showed how beautiful the scenery was.