(1/2) SE Asia or the US?

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Oct 25, 2017 01:59
I haven’t used my annual leave yet. I originally planned to go to Southeast Asia and enjoy the sun there, because it’s becoming colder and colder here. I just couldn’t decide which country. Thailand? The Philippines? They both seemed to be good choices to me because these two countries both have amazing foods and beaches.

However, one of my coworkers who was applying for a US visa recently twisted my arm and tried to persuade me to go on a trip to the US with him. I replied that I didn’t want to go to LA because I’d been there twice already so I’d gotten bored with it. But my coworker has never been to LA, the most popular metropolis among Chinese tourists. If he were to go, like most Chinese people, he would like to visit the Walk of Fame which I swore I’d never visit again, because it seemed to be nothing more than a narrow, dirty road to me. But I just couldn’t spoil his fun by telling him not to go, could I?

Most Chinese tourists travel in the US via package tours. There are typically two routes: “Western America” and “Eastern America.” The former is more popular because of the much shorter flight time. Generally, the cities on the “Western America” itinerary include San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas, so basically the part of America the tourists visit is California and a bit of Nevada. Since many tourist travel to the US only once in their lives, most of them come back with the impression that America is arid. :-P

The “Eastern America” itinerary typically includes the New York City, Boston, Washington DC and perhaps the Niagara Falls. Aside from the Empire State Building and the Capitol, some prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT are must-sees on the tourists’ lists. You should never underestimate Chinese people’s zeal for top-ranked universities. Many of them travel as families, so the parents want to show their kids how great the campuses are in order to encourage them to work hard. For the same reason, don’t be surprised if you find Stanford is also a must-see on the “Western America” itinerary.