#3 Mysterious Amulets: Pixiu / Global Warming = Smog?

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Jan 8, 2017 23:13
Previously: A friend treated me to dinner at a downtown restaurant. The place was already packed when we arrived. We took a number and went out to kill time.

A message was sent to my friend’s phone, saying that it was going to be our turn, so we went back to the restaurant. The restaurant was on the second floor and had no signs outside. But, the place was packed every day. You could know that how much people here loved eating! :-)

After we finished our dinner, we went to the counter to pay the bill. Behind the counter, several cashiers were busy receiving money and returning changes. A few customers were lining up ahead of us, so we had to wait for a while.

“Look!” My friend said, pointing at a bronze statue on the counter. “That must be part of the reason this restaurant’s business is going so well.”

We went closer to the counter and regarded the statue. Ah, it was a statue of a fabled creature called Pixiu, which was, in Chinese culture, symbolic of wealth and power, and was usually represented as a creature with a lion-like body and a dragon-like head.

My friend stroked Pixiu’s stomach, and then shook hands with the creature’s claws, saying, “You should touch its claws, because Pixiu use them to seize money. Luck to make money can be transmitted through touching.”

I laughed and reached out to the statue.

“Hold your fist tight after touching until you tuck your hands into your pocket. Otherwise, the luck will escape into the air,” said my friend, with an earnest face.

Wow. Such a ritual. I followed suit, hoping my luck could be better in this new year.

In the movie “Forest Gump,” after his visit to China, Gump said in an interview that the Chinese never “went to church.” Well, partly, it’s true. In comparison to many other nations, China is a secular nation. However, many people still like to go to temple, and sometimes pray for luck in making money.


Today, I read a ridiculous news article in the national media, saying that global warming is the main cause for the smog pollution in China. Some people commented, “Couldn't they pick a more plausible scapegoat?” Haha.
一条信息发到我朋友的手机上,说马上要轮到我们了,所以我们回到了餐馆。餐馆在二楼,没有任何标志,但是仍然每天挤爆,从这一点,你就知道我们这里的人有多好(hao 4声)吃了。