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Mar 7, 2017 03:28
I’ve been searching for plane tickets online lately because I’m planning to visit Portland and Seattle sometime soon. I haven’t yet used my last year's annual leave. I also still have a free international round-trip plane ticket. Use it or lose it. I’m going to use it to go halfway around the world to the US. :-)

My trip will be short. My friends all said I was crazy when they heard that I was only going to the US for a few days. Haha. They had no idea that going to the US is one of the cheapest and most convenient choices for me for a few days off abroad. Firstly, I don’t have to pay for my flight so the distance doesn’t matter. Secondly, I have a 10-year US visa that is still valid. (However, it would be awkward if Trump declared a new ban on Chinese nationals entering the US while I was on my flight..) If I traveled to some other countries, I would have to pay for a visa. Thirdly, I will be staying in my cousin’s home in Portland so I won’t need to pay any hotel expenses.

I want to travel to Seattle as well, so maybe I’ll book a room on Airbnb from a local… But I’ve never tried it before, because in China it seems weird to rent a room from a stranger. Have you used Airbnb? What’s it like to live in a stranger’s home?

Ugh. I just got the bad news that I had to attend an important meeting next week… My last year’s annual leave will expire at the end of this month…. Damn. There isn’t much time left. I don’t know if I can make it.