(2/2) Depression. A Curse?

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Feb 12, 2018 00:03
Depression is definitely not a sign of weakness or a negative personality trait. We should not automatically assume that we could easily reason people who are suicidal (and are probably suffering from severe depression) out of killing themselves.

I read a sentence somewhere talking down at suicidal people and saying “Why don't you feel lucky when you're still alive while bed-ridden others are struggling to live?” I personally think it might be impolite, or even rude in the eyes of people with depression. First of all, they are haunted by a sense of guilt or worthlessness. They think their lives are meaningless. Consequently, it would be an apples-to-oranges comparison if we compare them to those with a strong desire to live. Some people hold life dear, but others may detest it, or feel life is troublesome, and thus want to discard it. Second, for the reasons I've mentioned above, we should avoid snobbishly trying to talk them out of depression. Their brains have changed in such a way that they are unable to control their emotions anymore. Comments like "why don’t you feel lucky because you’re still alive" will only make them very critical of themselves and increase their self-hatred.

IMHO, when some people we know are suffering from depression, perhaps the best thing we can do is treat them like normal people and try to avoid patronizing them. If you really want to be supportive, then get the people they trust to take them to psychiatrists, who have the skill to handle the problem.

Life is hard. We should be tolerant and understanding.


YouTube star Logan Paul has been blocked from the website after posting a video in which he visited the “suicide forest” in Japan. Although he didn’t mock the people who had committed suicide, trivializing the scene showed his lack of knowledge and respect.[1]

When early Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa, they interbred with Neanderthals. A new study suggests that having Neanderthal DNA in our genes may increase the risk for depression, and many other health conditions such as nicotine addiction, stroke, and pregnancy complications.[2]

I once read a joke saying that when Homo sapiens were wiping out Neanderthals, the latter decided to curse humans with their genes, hence bequeathing us various health problems such as depression and stroke that we suffer from today.

Although Neanderthals inhabited Europe, it's surprising that East Asians have a greater proportion of the Neanderthal genes than Europeans.[3] I guess this may PARTIALLY explain why the Chinese and the Japanese are more likely to suffer from depression. :’(

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我看到有人说:“why don't you feel lucky when you're still alive while bed-ridden others are struggling to live?” 我个人以为,这句话是不太礼貌的,在抑郁症患者看来,甚至是粗鲁的。首先,得抑郁症的人本身就觉得自己的生命没有意义,觉得自己一文不值,有负罪感。把他们和那些有强烈求生欲望的病人相比,这是不恰当的做法。有些人热爱生命,但有人却“对生命过敏”,痛不欲生,只能丢弃。再次,原因我上面已经说明了,我们不要自以为是地去认为可以通过说教让别人摆脱抑郁症。他们的大脑结构已经改变,想法不再受大脑控制。对他们说“你活着已经很幸运了,为什么要轻生?” 这无疑是雪上加霜,让他们有更加深的负罪感,自我指责。




YouTube 网红Logan Paul去了一趟日本“自杀森林",并把相关视频发到网上,结果被Youtube封杀。虽然他在视频中并没有嘲笑自杀的人,但是他作为公众人物缺乏相关的知识和尊重是不能容忍的。