A Letter to Rafe Esquith

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May 23, 2015 14:07
Dear Mr. Rafe Esquith

My name is xxx, a retired teacher from Hunan Province, China. I am turning 80 years old. I have devoted my entire life to education. I love children and being with them. Inspired by you, in the last seven years, I worked with teachers and children from an elementary school (Lianyuan No2 Elementary School) in a local community. We joined together to write and perform short plays. Like you said, the kids really enjoyed rehearsing and playing. We also gained support from the students’ parents.

I am a volunteer, expecting no rewards, and I do feel the enjoyment. We have written more than fifty short plays. During this process, teachers and students wrote many articles related to these experiences. All of them have been compiled and praised by the local government. The draft will be revised and the book will be published in the near future.

I am sending you a draft of the book and some of stage photos. I hope you will like them. I also wish you would be able to reply and provides us with pictures of students rehearsing and acting with you. That would be a huge inspiration to us!

Sincerely yours!

Note: In Los Angeles, I plan to send a parcel to Rafe Esquith. My grandfather, inspired by Rafe Esquith, attempted to incorporate and merge theatrical and educational ideas within several local elementary schools during his eighties. My grandfather is going to publish a book on these experiences! He wants me to translate his letter to Rafe Esquith and send him pictures of theater-related activities from those schools to share the enjoyment.

Thank you so much!