M's English Salon – Fraternities and Sororities

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Sep 6, 2018 03:01
I’ve been attending an English salon every weekend for the past two months.The host is my English teacher, M. I intended to write a few entries here in chronological order, to describe how this salon was founded and developed, but I just can’t wait to tell you guys about the interesting things that happened at the salon. Strike while the iron is hot. I’ll make up for those entries in the future.

Last weekend six people attended the salon and the topic was “graduation and campus.” As an important part of American college life, fraternity and sorority couldn't be left out of the discussion. The Chinese attendees were unfamiliar with fraternities and sororities since such societies do not exist at Chinese universities, so the conversation was interesting.

- Game Day –

M prefaced the discussion with "Game Day." Like the other attendees, I had been uninformed about that. Even now I just have a rough impression that it’s an American football thing, but I’ll have to check that out.

- Fraternities –

While talking about fraternities, M showed us a picture of the frat house he once lived in.

A lady asked M, “So your dorm was in that huge house?”

M replied yes and went on to say that he’d quit a crazy fraternity during his freshman year and joined this “much more sensible” one in his sophomore year.

M also exhibited a picture of the wall, on which all the frat members’ head photos formed a heart shape, and raised a question: “Do you know why there’s a picture of a young lady among all these guys’?"

We didn’t know. M explained that the lady had been voted “The Best Girlfriend” by the guys.

-Sororities –

M then played a short video that seemed like a sorority recruitment advertisement, in which several hot young ladies in bikinis were cruising along on a luxurious boat, leaving a wake and spray behind, where Miami’s skyline peeped out.

Surprised, a young lady eyeballed the yacht and the instant the video ended she asked, “Do ladies have to be crazy rich to join a sorority?”

M said no. He explained that there were different tiers of sororities. The top tier ones only recruit chicks from mega-rich families, and lower ones may be not that strict about family background, but each one has its own specific criteria, some of which may be strange and racist.