Spring is the Best Season?

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Mar 21, 2017 02:14
“Spring has come. It’s becoming warm and flowers have started blooming.” I grew up hearing this at school, especially in Chinese reading & writing courses. Whenever students wrote essays, they tended to describe the spring, which symbolized hope and prosperity, as the best season. However, I didn’t like spring at all, because in my hometown, it's always cold, damp and rainy in the spring. “Why does everyone say spring is the best season?” As a kid, I didn’t have a clue. Thinking that perhaps I was wrong, when I wrote essays about seasons, I described spring favorably as well.

It was not until I went to Beijing years later as a junior high school student that I started understanding why spring is indeed the most-liked season among Beijingers. The winter in Beijing is long and bitterly cold. In the winter, I didn’t see any green vegetation in Beijing while walking outside. Bare tree branches and barren fields were everywhere. Gusts of dirt blew into my face and made me choke every now and then. But when the spring came, things changed. Grass and leaves started growing. It didn’t rain often in the spring Beijing. The sky was invariably blue. I suddenly came to realize what the spring meant to People in Beijing. It did indeed symbolize hope after a long period of bleak, dreary and harsh days.

At the same time, I was annoyed by this. All this was based on the CENTER of the nation, Beijing. In southern China, the vegetation is evergreen. The isn't as much of a temperature difference between winter and spring as in the north -- the spring isn’t much warmer but rather brings endless rain! Why don’t textbooks bother to mention that all the descriptions about spring are based on the north, and climate is different in southern China? Why is everything based on Beijing? It’s just one of the many examples of China's elementary education focusing on the capital city, regardless of the regional differences.

By the way, it’s been raining for half a month in the area along the Yangtze River. It’s apparently going to end in early April. I would now never say spring is my favorite season, as it would simply be a lie.
"春天来了。天气暖了,花儿开了。" 在读书的时候,语文课上这样的话我从小听到大。每当学生们写文章的时候,总会形容春天是最好的时节,代表着希望和欣欣向荣。但是,我一点也不喜欢春天,因为春天也很冷,还潮湿多雨。“为什么人人都说春天是最好的季节呢?” 我还小的时候,一点都不明白。“也许我错了吧。”所以,在写关于四季的文章的时候,我总是违心地高歌颂扬春天。