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Mar 10, 2018 03:35
Many Chinese people take trips overseas during the Chinese New Year holiday. My coworker, Flora, a young and petite lady, is a travel buff. Last October she went on a safari in Kenya. Last month, she jetted off to Argentina, the farthest country from China! The two countries lie on opposite sides of the globe!

I asked her whether she’d felt tired because she’d spent nearly four days on planes, even though her trip was only a week in total. She replied that it wasn’t exhausting at all because upon arrival in Buenos Aires and the Perito Moreno Glacier, she got overwhelmingly excited and found the long haul absolutely worthwhile. I hadn’t heard of this glacier before, so I went to check a map. It turned out that the glacier and the capital city are located in different corners of the country! That is to say, even during her three days in Argentina, she continued to take long flights. What a jet-setter!

Sadly, many young Chinese people don’t have long vacations, so they are always in a rush when taking trips within China, let alone traveling to distant foreign countries. I’ve seen Flora's pictures of Argentina. The country looks mesmerizing and South America has always been on my bucket list, but I’d like to save it for when I’m old and have more free time, because I really don’t want to rush while traveling there.

Therefore, I chose nearby Malaysia as my next travel destination. Next week I'll stay at Semporna, a small costal city, for a few days and try scuba diving. :-)




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