(3) Going to the Gym -- Benefits

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Sep 2, 2017 03:08
My original purpose of joining a fitness club was to lose weight and strengthen my muscles. However, I later learned that exercise is not the only factor. If you want to lose weight, generally speaking, you have to go on a diet. If you want to build muscle, you should eat high-protein foods, such as whey smoothies, and chicken breasts without any seasoning, which taste very bad. Want hot abs? Even if you perform lots of sit-ups, your body fat rate must be extremely low; otherwise your abs will be covered by fat and not be photogenic.

I once cut down on eating after distance running. However, I had to read books after I got home, and I found myself unable to focus my attention because of my low blood glucose levels. So what the heck! I ate whenever I felt hungry. In fact, losing weight isn’t the only benefit of working out. After going to the gym, my physical examination reports came back good, with various parameters improving markedly. Besides, working out helps to reenergize myself after a busy work day. Every time I feel tired or stressed out, I go to the gym and come out feeling refreshed. I’ve simply gotten addicted to it, which is why I stick it out. Lifting weights is also beneficial. For example, I once developed serious neck pain from a sedentary lifestyle. After working out with some dumbbells, the pain miraculously disappeared! Many people who complain of neck and back pain go to a doctor and get prescribed medication without noticing any significant change. Sometimes, you gotta be your own doctor and help yourself.

I’m not beefy at all, nor are my body fat levels very low, but I’ve benefited much from going to the gym. I also like to work out with a bunch of go-getters. I know a guy who is a physician. One time, I saw him rushing into the gym to attend an aerobic gymnastics class. He said he’d just performed an operation. He was overweight a couple of years ago, but now he's in as good of shape as a personal trainer.