Chinese Nicknames for Celebrities from English Speaking Countries [Trendy Chinese Lecture 1]

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Jun 1, 2016 00:51
When English names are transcribed into Chinese, they become too long and awkward. Many British/American celebrities are very popular among the youth in China. When we're talking about them, we tend to use short descriptive (and often amusing) nicknames. Many people only know their nicknames and not their real names.

1. Adele. We call her 阿呆, because she's considered a bit overweight. This name means that a person might be a bit clumsy in a cute way.
2. Bruno Mars: 火星哥. It means a guy from planet mars, who might be a bit different from an earthling.
3. Britney Spears: 小甜甜. Literally, it means “Little sweetie.”
4. Taylor Swift: 霉霉. Her hit songs usually fail to top the Billboard charts, which is pitiful in the eyes of her fans, so they call her "a poor little girl." But, this word also has the same pronunciation as “a young, attractive lady” in Chinese.
5. Ke$ha: 钱婆. Money woman.
6. Adam Levine: 骚当 (Flirty Adam). A flirty guy whose name is Dang,
7. Katy Perry: 水果姐. Fruit sister.
8. Jennifer Lawrence: 大表姐. Cousin.
9. Benedict Cumberbatch: 卷福. Curly Blessing.


1. Adele:阿呆。因为她胖胖的,粉丝认为她很可爱。
2. Bruno Mars: 火星哥。
3. Britney spears: 小甜甜。
4. Taylor swift: 霉霉。 因为她的歌经常不能打榜冠军,粉丝们替她可惜。同音“美眉”。
5. Ke$ha: 钱婆。
6. Adam Levine: 骚当。
7. Katy Perry: 水果姐
8. Jennifer Lawrence: 大表姐。
9. Benedict Cumberbatch: 卷福。