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Nov 28, 2017 22:46
We didn’t get to see Maria because she was out on the weekends, but she’d told us the lock code so we easily got in. Upon entering, I fell in love with this house, which had a neat, spacious living room. The room we’d booked was on the second floor, and there was a note stuck on the door saying “Welcome SP.” The room had two beds and a detached bathroom with a skylight. I liked the window because I thought it made good use of the abundant Califronia sunlight so there was no need to use electric lights during the daytime.

I liked this community as well. Different from the urban core, it was very quiet, with only a few people joggling around. Standing on the patio, I took in the nice view of this part of the city, whose silhouettes looked amazing at dawn and dusk. Maria left a note on the table saying that we should make ourselves at home and feel free to use her kitchen. She also recommended restaurants nearby and we tried one the next morning and found it delicious. I didn’t use her kitchen this time because I hadn’t known that kitchens of many Airbnb houses were available for visitors. I think I’ll have to try to cook local food next time I stay at an Airbnb house.

Maria 周末出门了,所以我们没有见到Maria,不过她告知了房屋密码,所以我们很容易地进去了。一进门,我就喜欢上了那里,客厅很宽敞很漂亮。我们订的房间在二楼,门上贴着一张便条,写着:“欢迎SP!” 卧室有两张床,有一件独立的浴室,浴室的房顶有一个天窗。我很喜欢这个创意,这个天窗充分利用了加州的阳光,所以白天不必用电灯。