A Possible Trip to the West Coast of the US

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Sep 5, 2016 22:27
Last weekend, I went home for my grandfather’s 80th birthday party. The whole family got together and had a great time, except for several of my cousins who were working overseas and didn’t have leave to return home. But we FaceTimed with them.

One of my cousins, Danny, who works in Portland, Oregon, urged me to help my grandfather apply for his US visa. Eighty year olds and over don’t need to do interviews, and the chances of them being refused are slim. Danny really wanted to have his grandfather around where he lives and works, but at the same time, he was worried that the rainy season in Portland was coming soon, so it would be inconvenient for them to go outdoors.

My grandfather had intended to take a look at the city for several months where his grandson lives, but now he's hesitating, because my grandmother’s health's deteriorating, so he has to take care of her. Also, it seemed a bit troublesome for an 80-year-old to travel such a long distance. Originally, my uncle was going to go with him to the US, but now my uncle had to take care of my grandmother, so the family's asked me to travel with my grandfather. I hadn’t planned on traveling to the US this year, but if my grandfather made the decision to go to the US, I would accompany him on the trip.

There seem to be no direct flights from China to Portland, so we have to transfer at SF or Seatle. I prefer to visit Seatle, because there will be more chances for me to go to SF in the future. Danny said we could stay at Seatle for a few days, and then he would drive to Seatle to pick us up on a weekend. Wow, it seems that I will possibly travel to the US West Coast again. I hope it will be a nice trip.