Flirty UA

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Feb 3, 2018 02:18
United Airlines has a bad reputation in China. They say that UA once refused to cooporate with the Chinese government to hand over an corrupt Chinese official who had absconded by boarding its US bound flight. Months ago, the news that an Asian-American doctor was dragged off the plane also went viral in China. Many people say that they are now afraid of choosing UA because they might be mistreated.

I know UA has also gotten a bad name in the US because of some cases of abusing their passengers. I’ve flown with UA a few times. However, so far I’ve enjoyed all of these experiences, because the staff were considerate to me. The agents at the counters were friendly and usually asked me whether I needed a window seat or an aisle seat.

The most interesting experience was when I took UA for the first time. The first flight was from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Denver, and I made a connection at the Denver airport to LA. Lincoln is a small city, so the plane for the first flight was small, and I checked my baggage because I’d already known that the overhead bin wouldn't have enough room. The Denver-LA plane was much bigger so I didn’t check my baggage, becaus the suitcase I'd bought in China was a standard-sized one that could be easily stowed into the overhead bins of any regular-sized (or bigger) aircraft in China, so I thought this was also the case in the US.

I was a new UA customer so I was assigned to group four, which was the last to board. When I got on, the plane was already packed. As I was putting my suitcase into the compartment, I found that however hard I tried, I just couldn’t wedge it in. It turned out the capacity was much smaller than I’d thought! I got so embarrassed because many already-seated passengers started looking at me. The plane was preparing for take-off, and I didn’t have a clue what to do. I couldn’t just leave it in the aisle, which would violate the flight rules.

Just then, a lady, probably a pilot (judging from her uniform) walked over to me, and said with a big sweet smile, “Honey, let me handle it.”

“Honey?” I repeated it in my mind with huge surprise. In Chinese culture, that would sound very flirty! But since I’d watched some American movies, I knew that Americans address each other less formally. I got used to it instantly and smiled back, and said, “Thank you so much.” Then, the lady walked back to the front of the plane with my suitcase. I didn’t know where she would put my baggage because I couldn’t see her as she’d stepped behind a curtain.

That lady warmed my heart because she helped me out in a foreign culture. What also made this flight experience so amazing was that I sat at a window, allowing me to have a bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon and the historic California Trail!






“Honey?”我心里一惊。在中国文化里面,这是一个很调情的称呼。但因为我看过不少美国电影,知道美国人在这方面很夸张,所以很快淡定了下来,笑着回复道,“非常感谢!” 然后,那个美女拿着我的行李走到飞机前端去了,我不知道她把我的行李放在哪里,因为她走到一个帘子后,我也就看不到她了。

那位美女让人暖心,在异国他乡帮助我解决了困难。这趟旅行还有一点令人难忘,我坐在窗户旁边,从高空中看到了科罗拉多大峡谷,还看到了历史上著名的California Trail。
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