Small World: the Café on the Road

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Jan 2, 2017 01:47
Happy New Year! Best wishes to you all!

The other day, I learned from the media that a young Chinese lady had just finished her six-month charity work in Africa. The lady, who is from my city, came back and shared her stories with a reporter. Online, thousands of commenters praised her courage and spirit. She said that she would revisit Africa in May, 2017, and wanted to recruit several volunteers. The recruitment will be held at a café this March. After reading this news story, I didn’t especially keep this recruitment in mind, because I probably couldn’t make it.

Two days ago, a young lady called me, saying my colleague referred me to her to help her with her new travel program. She just came back from a trip to Tahiti and Fiji and wanted to lead a group to go to Christchurch in two months. She’s a tour guide as well as an artist. Every time she went to a new place, she shot and painted. To my amazement, she owns a café, where she shares her stories as well as her artworks. And, the patrons are usually her tour members!

“Where’s your café?” I asked with a great interest.

“Right at the bottom of the city’s Big Wheel. It’s called ‘On the road,’” she replied.

“Sounds familiar!” I thought, and took out my phone and looked up the news I’d mentioned at the beginning of this entry, as quickly as possible, because I wanted to make sure whether that café was the same place. I later found the news. That was it! That reported lady would hold the recruitment at the café called “On The Road!” What a small world!

I asked, “Do you know that a lady will hold an activity to enroll volunteers to go to Africa?”

“Ah… I know that lady, but I had no idea she would organize a campaign at my shop, but my café is indeed where tons of local travel lovers and artists love to gather. Would you like to come over for a cup of coffee? On the house.”

Wow! Amazing! I didn’t know there was such a fantastic place in my city!!



”就在摩天轮下面。名字叫做”On The Road“”她回答道。

“听起来好熟悉!”我心里想,赶紧掏出手机,查我开头提到的那条新闻,因为我想确认那家咖啡厅是不是同一家地方。我找到了这条新闻,就是这个地方!那个女生要开分享会的咖啡厅就叫“On The Road!” 世界真小!