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Sep 20, 2016 00:12
I’ve been in the States for quite a while, and have accumulated some basketball buddies who like to joke. Once, I strained and injured my shoulder. It was not serious, and would recover after just a period of rest.

Later, that bunch of playful dudes came to me and asked me to take some shots with them. I said I was sorry because my shoulder had been injured in a previous game.

They joked, “Don’t try to fool us! It can’t be true! You must’ve fallen off a sling!”

“What’s a sling?” I asked innocently.

Seeing my blank facial expression, they laughed even harder. In the end, one of them told me that a sling was actually a sex device, and then I caught on the joke.

Over the next few weeks, I sometimes gave in to temptation and played basketball with them, so my muscle never got a chance to recover. Then, I went to the school infirmary to see a nurse.

The nurse said to me, “Have you ever tried a sling?”

I got upset. “Why does everyone mention slings to poke fun at me?” I said, “No! No!”

She explained, “You should give it a try, because it might help your shoulder to recover. It supports your arm, and reduces the weight on your shoulder.”

I thought, “Hmmm, sounds nice. I read in an ad that they defy gravity.” Then, I said, “But I don’t have one.”

“No worries. I can give you one.”

My mind started racing, “WHAT? They offer slings here? No wonder so many people fantasize about nurses!”

I said, “Slings are expensive…”

She said, “Not at all. They’re disposable and for free.”

I was shocked and said, “Disposable? It's such a waste! What’s it made of?”


Jaw agape, I asked, “Paper? How can it hold a human body?”

She paused and then burst into laughter, went into a room and came back out with a piece of fabric and a strap.

Seeing that, I suddenly blushed.

[This article is a translation. A Chinese student in the US wrote the Chinese version in answer to the question, "What was the most embarrassing situation you ever met?" on Zhihu (the Chinese version of Quora).]



那帮坏人就哈哈大笑,看我傻傻地摸不着头脑,他们笑得更厉害了。终于有个好心人告诉我了,sling 是一种情趣用具。








(我大吃一斤,医院里面还有sling?!!! 难怪这么多人对护士充满幻想...)