Rogue One – May the Force Be with You

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Jan 11, 2017 02:30
I went to watch the Star Wars movie “Rogue One” last night. I enjoyed the movie, but I saw quite a few members of the audience trickling out in the middle. I guessed that, for them, the first half of the movie was a bit hard to follow and thus a bit boring. (The translation of the subtitles was bad, so it also caused confusion.)

Star Wars is a part of the cultural backdrop of the US. Even if some Americans are not into this series, they know what "the force" is, and who Darth Vader is. They’ve got a basic knowledge of the story and the characters. However, this is not the case in China. The first few movies, which were released a couple decades ago, were not shown in China. Therefore, a movie that assumes background knowledge is going to cause confusion.

“Rogue One” isn’t a complete standalone, and spends more than one hour telling a story to prepare for the war scenes in the second half, which seem quite boring to many Chinese audiences: who are the rebels? Who’s the emperor? What do the rebels fight for? Besides, since it wasn't shown in China, the Chinese have much less nostalgia for the series than Americans do. The effects, costumes, and even the music are all so retro; all they’ve seen is scenes constantly switch from one bizarre planet to another, so they chose to leave. To them, this movie is much more boring than other Hollywood blockbusters, such as the Marvel superhero movies.

I had a bit of background knowledge, so I sat watching till the end, when Darth Vader came out brandishing a light saber, and the princess said “this is our new hope.” I knew why many Americans loved this movie so much – the scene suddenly connected to the beginning of another episode released nearly four decades ago. This was called nostalgia.

It seems like many Americans are really into movies where protagonists rebel against dictatorships. The Star Wars series and The Hunger Games both draw elements from Japanese movies; after rebellious spirit tropes are added or enforced, Americans suddenly fall under the spell of this type of movie. ;-)

《侠盗一号》-- 愿原力与你同在


星战系列是美国文化一部分。即便部分美国人对这个系列不感冒,也会知道什么是原力,Darth Vader是谁。对于基本人物设定和故事情节都有大概的了解。但是,在中国就不同了。这个系列的前几部电影是几十年前出的,没有在中国上映。所以,如果没有一定的背景知识,是比较难以懂这部电影的。


我知道一点背景知识,所以看到了最后。这时,Darth Vader出场,挥舞着光剑,接着,公主出场并说道:“这是我们的新希望。”我瞬间明白了老美为什么喜欢这部电影了,原因是怀旧情结。