#4 Los Angeles – Hollywood & Staples Center

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Dec 16, 2016 00:23
On my third day in LA, I went to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. I’m a huge fan of Hollywood movies. This street is famous in China. In Chinese, it has a particularly fancy and grandiose name: Avenue of the Stars. I heard that the film-making studios had moved out of the Walk of Fame to somewhere else in LA. When I got there, I found that the road wasn’t the amazing place it was cracked up to be. The road was narrow, and not clean. The celebrities’ names had been weathered and worn out from years of people walking over them. I made out the name of “the Beatles,” and took a photo of myself with it.

I shopped along the street to buy souvenirs to bring home as gifts for my friends. But there was a problem: most products had “made in China” markings on their back. It would be a bit odd if I took them back to China, the country where they had been produced. I even saw a theater called “Chinese Theater,” and I didn’t know why it bore this name. In spite of all this, I still think the place is worth the trip. I took it as a pilgrimage because I’m a big lover of Hollywood movies.

After visiting Hollywood, my cousin and I drove to Staples Center, home to the Los Angeles Lakers. We walked around the inside of the stadium and had a great time. The arena is downtown. I finally saw tall buildings, after staying in the city for three days. Many Chinese people tend to think that metropolises around the world are full of skyscrapers, but actually in LA this isn’t the case.

While driving, I noticed two interesting things. First, there were lots of strange-looking cars on the road. It seems like Americans really love to personalize their vehicles, with fancy colors and decorations. This is not allowed in China. Second, when locals drove next to us or tried to overtake our car, I saw that they waved and smiled at us (even through closed windows), expressing their friendliness or apologies. That was odd to me as well, because we'll never smile at strangers in China…