(2/3) Teachers’ Day and the Most Beautiful Memories

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Oct 15, 2017 23:59
A student came to me after class and said he was planning to transfer to a university in the US because his family was going to move to California. He asked me to help him with his applications. I was more than glad to help and looked up information on many American universities’ official websites and offered him suggestions. He later went to the UIUC, and did academically well there. I also remember a guy who later went on to an Ivy League graduate school to study programming. He now works at Amazon USA. I helped him with his applications as well, so I became sort of familiar with the admissions process of American universities.

When teaching, I tried to be humorous and sometimes spoke like a stand-up comedian. I also tried to be “considerate” -- I didn’t check attendance very often. My students could skip a few classes, as long as they had acceptable reasons. After the final exam, when logging into the computer grading system to enter their scores, I was surprised to see students’ reviews (I hadn’t known that students were required to review their teachers online). The average student’s review of my teaching was above 96 (centesimal system), allowing me to rank top among all the TA's. They also left comments that warmed my heart. I took a screenshot of the page and have kept it to this day. Even today I still feel I was unworthy to teach them because I lacked their talent, but I’m very grateful for their encouragement.

1.2 教师节和那些难忘的回忆