My First Trip to the US

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May 18, 2015 23:58
My First trip to the US

Although I am a little busy lately, I am trying to prepare for my first trip to the US. I am going to travel to the US at the end of this month, so I am very short of time to make a detailed plan.

I will arrive at Los Angeles first. In the beginning, this place wasn’t on my list, because I heard that LA doesn’t have a convenient public transportation. Plus, I am not familiar with the local traffic rules and don’t have enough time to learn them in advance. But luckily, my cousin will be there at the time and he can be my guide and drive me around, so I decided to visit this amazing city on the West Coast. In addition to having fun in scenic spots like Universal Studios, I will try my best to discover and experience many great things about western American culture. Most importantly, in Los Angeles, I plan to send a parcel to Rafe Esquith, because inspired by this great teacher, my grandfather started devoting himself to relating theater to teaching in several local elementary schools at his eighties, and he is going to publish his book! He wants me to translate his letter to Rafe Esquith, and send him pictures of theater activities in those schools to share this mental enjoyment.

After my visit in Los Angeles, I will fly to New York alone. I found plane tickets in the US are really cheap. I’ve been dreaming of traveling to this city since my childhood. When I was planning my travel, I found there were so many things to experience in the Big Apple. However, the hotel prices are way too high. I am a young person, and I don't think I should spend too much money on just strolling around. Living in some districts such as Brooklyn are cheaper but they say it is dangerous at night, so I decided to shorten my stay from four days to two. I will only go to few places like the central park, the Empire State building, the statue of Liberty and the Broadway. I was told I could live in a New Yorker’s home from Airbnb and I wanted to live in places like the Hell’s kitchen, but it is now too late to find a desirable one, so this time I may just live in an “expensive” hotel in Manhattan for three nights. I think I will visit New York again, with my friends, so we could rent and share an apartment to experience what a real New Yorker’s life is like.


我的第一站是洛杉矶。起初,洛杉矶并不在我的计划之内,因为我听说洛杉矶的公共交通不方便,我也不熟悉当地的交通法规,没有时间去提前学习。但是很幸运的是,我的表哥那个时候正好在那里,可以当我的向导,开车带我到处转转,所以我决定去洛杉矶玩了。除了在去一些经典的景点,比如环球影城,我还努力地去尝试和体验美国西部的文化。最重要的是,我要去洛杉矶寄一些东西东西给Rafe Esquith,因为我的外公因为受到了他的感染,80岁开始在当地的几个小学,尝试着将戏剧和教学相结合。我外公还将出版一本相关的书!我外公想让我翻译他写给Rafe Esquith的信,寄一些照片给他,分享喜悦。