Making a Leap

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Oct 11, 2016 02:10
To me, Lang-8 is an amazing place for studying English. Writing on this website, which serves as an ideal language-output platform, encourages me to mobilize my English knowledge reserves.

An effective language learning mode, however, should consist of both input and output. We can get input here by learning from corrections and reading native speakers’ writing; nonetheless, it’s far from enough, so we need enormous amounts of reading and listening elsewhere to increase the input.

Frustratingly, studying foreign languages has diminishing returns. When you've become an advanced learner, you’ll probably find that even if you spend a substantial amount of time studying it, the improvement still seems small.

I've gotten frustrated from time to time, and have wanted to stop studying. But, at the end of the day, I've managed to talk myself into carrying on. Like a masochistic moron, I endured the difficult process. :) Interest is the cure. Over the past a few months, I went to a library and borrowed a few best-selling English books that interested me, and stuck to my self-set plan to read one chapter per day as time permitted.

I hadn’t noticed my improvement until I went and checked my reading skills on an IELTS test. It was so exciting for me to find that I now read English like a native. I read very fast and finished the reading section 10 minutes ahead of the suggested time, and my answers were all right. I then came to realize that sometimes things are not what they seem. You think your hard work is in vain, but actually you’ll make a leap sooner or later through unnoticeable, but steady, incremental improvements.





直到我找来几套雅思英语考试题,才发现了自己的进步。我很惊讶地发现,在做阅读题目的时候,对英语有了一种母语的感觉,我读起来很快,提前10分钟做完,答案全对,满分。 然后我才深刻地意识到,有时候事情并不是表现出来的那样,你觉得努力没有凑效,但实际上总会有一个量变到质变的飞跃过程。有时候,效果不是那么立竿见效,但其实你有在稳定持续地进步着。