Some questions about The Body by Stephen King (Chapter 1-2)

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Mar 2, 2012 00:40
Recently, I started reading some novels and found them very interesting. But, there are still some difficult parts that I don’t quite understand. The following are some parts I don’t know of The Body by Stephen King.

1. There were five, maybe six steady guys and some other wet ends who just hung around.
Q: What does “wet ends” here mean?

2. The game was usually blackjack and we played for pennies, nickel limit.
Q: Does “nickel limit” mean “nickel was the limit?”

3. Nobody’s garden had done doodly-squat that year, and the big displays …..
Q: “nobody’s garden had done doodly-squat” means “the harvest was not bad?”

4. The words below describe some kids who were playing cards:

I was down to my ride and building spades. I’d started with thirteen, gotten an eight to make twenty-one, and nothing had happened since then. Chris knocked. I took my last straw and got nothing helpful.
“Twenty-nine,” Chris said, laying down diamonds.
“Twenty-two,” Teddy said, looking disgusted.
“Piss up a rope,” I said, and tossed my cards onto the table face down.
“Gordie’s out, ole Gordie just bit the bag and stepped out the door,” Teddy bugled, and then gave out with his patented Teddy Duchamp laugh --- Eeeeee-eeee-eeee

Q: (1) What does the sentence “I was down to my ride and building spades” mean?
(2) what do the phrases “Somebody knocked” and “I took my last straw” mean?
(3) Are “piss up a rope” and “bite the bag” just descriptions or idioms which mean differently than their literal meaning?

5. Teddy’s dad smiled tightly and told the orderly he’d hold until hell was a Frigidaire dealership, if that’s what it took.

I guess “hell was a Frigidaire dealership” may be a humor, but I just don’t get it.

6. I turned to “He Stomped the Pretty Co-Ed to Death in a Stalled Elevator” and got right into it.
I looked up the word “Co-Ed” in a dictionary; it means “a female student at a co-educational school or college”. Is it an obsolete word?

7. It took me a long time after that summer to realize that most of the tears I cried were for my mom and dad. Fat lot of good it did them, or me.
I don’t understand the sentence “Fat lot of good it did them, or me.”

Thank you in advance. :)
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