Li Na - A PerseveringTennis Player

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Feb 1, 2015 17:43
With her great passion for tennis, she returned onto the court and became “solo” in 2008. Being solo means you are not gaining support from the national authorities anymore and have to hire a support team on your own. It was not easy, because she had to fight on her own terms and earn prize money to pay her team. Her “late-blooming” successes proved her decision was right; she rocketed up in the WTA rankings and won two grand slam titles. One is the French Open in 2011, the other Australian Open in 2014. She was second-ranked in 2014.

Li Na also strikes me as a perseverant figure. She made it to the final in 2011 Australian Open but lost the game to Clijsters. In 2013, she made it again to the final of the Australian Open but was defeated by Azarenka. In the court speech after the match, she smiled and said, “I know I am not young, but I still hope I can come back next year.” Yeah, she was bit “old” in this highly competitive sport, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she lost in the matches during the first rounds of the grand slam games. However, she fulfilled her promise and won the Australian Open in 2014! She cried after the match; tears welled up. The commentator said that her sweet tears perhaps were for her early-deceased father. Again, her winning speech was hilarious and millions of people “liked” it on youtube, though this website had been blocked in China. Orz.

What a bummer that she retired in July last year because of her knee injury. Although we won’t see much of her on the court, it is a nice comfort to know that she is the kind of person that can make the most of her post-playing career – she is having a baby and attempting to create a tennis school to boost tennis’s popularity in China.


李娜给我印象是一个坚持不懈的人。她2011年进入澳网决赛,但输给了克里斯特尔斯。2013年,她又打入了决赛,但输给了阿扎伦卡。赛后的演讲中她笑着说道:“我知道我已经不再年轻,但我仍然希望明年再来。” 的确,在这种竞争极为激烈的体育赛事中,她要是在大满贯比赛中前几轮就输掉,也不会令人惊讶。但是,她真的履行了她的诺言,赢得了2014年的澳网!她哭了起来,泪如泉涌。解说员说,她这幸福的泪水也许是为了她早逝的父亲而流。她的获胜演讲再一次很幽默,在youtubu上有成千上万的人为她点赞,即使这个网站在中国是被屏蔽的。