My First American Teacher

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Oct 22, 2016 00:16
The other day, Jojo, a college classmate who works in California, posted a recent picture of herself with M, my first American teacher, on a Wechat* college classmate group, which caused a stir. Many classmates came out and commented, “Haven’t seen her for ages!,” “How’s she doing?” Everyone seemed so excited.

M, a Seattle blonde, taught us speaking & listening English when we were first-year college students. I can still remember how she loved to hand out candies to start classes, because it was one of the sweetest memories of my college life. She used to incorporate interesting games into teaching, which made her classes very fun.

We soon became very good friends, and she would give us high scores, saying that it would make our transcripts look better. After one year of teaching us, she left China for a graduate school in the US. At the last class, she impressed me with her closing speech about what she’d observed during her stay in China. It turned out that she was far more academic than we’d thought.

When she went back to the US, she would send group emails to us twice a month, sharing whatever new was happening to her. Perhaps because she was very busy, these exchanges lasted for only half a year, and we eventually lost contact. Not long ago, we got to see a recent picture of her! All those beautiful memories came flooding back… We are all so happy and hope that everything will be fine with her.

*Wechat: the Chinese version of WhatsApp, but more functional in many ways.


前几天,正在美国加州工作的大学同学Jojo在微信群里面,发了一张她和M的合照,立刻炸开了锅。M是我的第一任美国老师。看到这张照片,很多同学都纷纷出来发表评论:“哇,好久没看到她了!” “最近她怎么样了啊?” 每个人都看起来很兴奋。