Idiom: Hiding in the Bathroom, Crying/Laughing So Hard that He/She passes out

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Dec 6, 2016 01:32
In my eyes, English is a humorous language. I sometimes can’t help laughing when I come upon particularly amusing English phrases. For example, when describing a person who is melting down, you could say “S/he’s crying his/her eyes out and has curled up in the fetal position!” The first time I read this, I laughed out loud, thinking the description was so vivid.

Actually, Chinese is also a very humorous language. Chinese millennials have coined tons of new idioms that are well-received and widely used online, making their writing extremely interesting. There are set phrases to describe someone who is extremely happy or sad. Every young Chinese person knows them.


Someone’s overwhelmingly sad but dosen't want others to know it, so s/he sneaks into the bathroom and cries so hard that s/he passes out.


e.g. 希拉里输了这次大选,哭晕在厕所。
Hillary lost this election, and (I guess) she's whining behind closed doors.

Sharapova and Serena are having a match. Sharapova sprained her ankle just now and called for a medical timeout. I guess Serena's secretly ecstatic.


我认为英语一门幽默的语言。我看到有些有趣的英语表达,会忍不住笑。比如,假设形容一个人情绪崩溃,可以说“She’s crying her eyes out and curled up in her fetal position!” 我看到这个句子的时候,忍不住大笑,觉得这个表达很生动。