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Oct 1, 2017 03:27
The PRC was founded on October 1st, 1949. Since then, every October 1 has been celebrated as China’s National Day. Generally, we have a seven-day holiday starting this day every year. However, the Mid-Autumn Day this year happens to fall during this time, so all together, we have a holiday of eight days. Today when using “Bing China” (an American search engine powered by Microsoft), I saw that this portal site’s background was a picture of a building’s wall. China's national flag was hung on every window of this wall.

Bing China was apparently trying to localize itself -- by celebrating China’s National Day. However, this picture seemed a bit odd to me, because I had hardly ever seen any wall like that in China. In fact, it’s very strange to see someone hanging the national flag on his house. Perhaps portraits of Mao are much more widespread. People in many rural areas still hang his portraits on their walls. Throughout my whole life in China, the only time I saw a community hanging national flags on their houses ever was when I traveled through a small town which is about half an hour’s drive away from the China-Vietnam border.