(2) Climates -- California's Consistent Climate

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Jan 29, 2018 01:57
I grew up knowing that the winter is colder in northern China than southern China, so, for me, the rule of thumb used to be that the more poleward a place is, the colder it will be. It was not until I went to California last November that I came to realize that this rule is partially wrong. Latitude isn’t the only thing that determines a place’s climate. Factors such as topography and continent also matter.

When we were preparing for our late-November trip to California last year, my coworker asked me how much he should wear. I knew that the California’s climate is “Mediterranean,” which means in the winter it rains occasionally but is not cold. Then I took a look at a map of the world, and found that our city and Texas and Florida are on nearly the same latitude, and San Francisco is far north of my city.

At the time, the temperature was 40οF in my city and we’d already put on our down jackets. Despite knowing SF has the Mediterranean climate, since its latitude is so much higher than my city’s, I speculated that it wouldn’t be very warm there, so I suggested to my coworker that he bring along at least one down jacket. Though my coworker had checked out the weather forecast of SF and had learned that it wouldn’t be cold, he still embarked with a suitcase full of thick clothes as if he was flying to Alaska.

Upon stepping out of SFO, we realized that we were totally wrong. It wasn’t cold at all! Wearing a thin jacket would be just fine! Around noon, it was so hot that we had to take off the jackets! I’d heard of Mark Twain’s quote “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” (he meant the huge temperature differences between day and night), but it wasn’t cold at night either; we just needed to put our jackets back on. Three days later, when we were in LA, it was even hotter! So, we just kept our T shirt on all day long.

I was really impressed with LA’s climate. I’ve been to LA three times, in early April, in June, and in late November. The weather conditions were almost the same! Just now I checked out the weather in LA again, the temperatures during the next week will be still identical…



一出旧金山机场的门,我们意识到我们完全错了。完全不冷!只要穿一件薄夹克就可以了。中午的时候比较热,我们还得脱去外套。虽然我听说过马克吐温的名言“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”(他的意思是说旧金山的昼夜温差很大),但晚上我们也不觉得冷。我只需要把夹克又穿回去就可以了。三天后,我们到了洛杉矶,那就更热了!所以我们全天穿着t恤。