Public Speaking Isn't An Easy Thing

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Jun 8, 2016 01:38
I’m dog tired today, because I just came back from a meeting in my city's high-tech zone. It would’ve been a fun thing, if I’d been a mere attendee/listener. Not interested in the meeting, I could just fiddle with my smartphone or yawn hugely. Sadly, however, I was the speaker.

A week ago, our company was invited to give a speech for corporations/institutions in that zone. I knew it would be assigned to me when I first heard the news. It turned out it was. Since my actual job had nothing to do with this public speaking thing, I worked extra hours to prepare for this. I drafted a speech and designed PowerPoint slides and tried to beautify them.

Public speaking has been a part of my routine for nearly two years. Two years ago, after I presided over a meeting successfully, all those miserable public speaking tasks started to fall on me. Time and again, I've become an MC, a toast master, and even an advertiser. I've spoken in meeting rooms, big halls or even pubs… Sometimes, I felt like I was a pimp working for a brothel. Lol.

In graduate school, my experience as a TA honed my presentation skills, because I always tried hard to make my language witty and amusing, in order to attract and hold the attention of hundreds of students’ attention. I miss that experience, but I’ve now grown weary of speaking in public. It requires a great deal of intellectual effort, but yet my superiors seem to be unaware of that fact. Because, in hierarchical SOEs in China, writing official documents with regards to the CCP’s “great thoughts” is more appealing to these patriarchs.