Good Friends Overseas (4.1) – Vegetarians 海外存知己(4.1)素食主义者

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Jul 31, 2011 01:59
We arrived in Changsha at 8 pm, July 12 and checked in. The food aboard tasted bad and the snacks served in the hotel were not suitable for vegetarians. So, I led three contestants to eat out. They had been to China and loved Chinese food very much, but they complained that the food they had had in Beijing wasn’t genuine because those were specially made for foreigners. They didn’t enjoy them. This time, they wanted to have the real Chinese food.

出乎我意料的是,他们不是很喜欢那些装潢不错的酒店,而是要去小巷子。最终,我们找到一条小巷子,在里面找到了一家小餐馆。Jenny和Matt 是素食主义者,所以我们点的都是蔬菜,而且几样典型的家常小炒:醋溜土豆丝,清炒藕片,空心菜,但他们却不要米饭。当菜上上来时,Jenny 尝了几口,兴奋地说:“这正是我想要的!”
I was surprised to find out that they didn’t want to go to the restaurants that were finely decorated (elegant or stylish restaurants) but those cheap ones in allyways. We eventually found a small à la carte one and ordered several home-cooking vegetable dishes (醋溜土豆丝,清炒藕片,空心菜) as Jenny and Matt were vegetarians, but they didn’t ask for rice (It was a little strange to Chinese people). Jennifer took a few bites and said exitedly, “That’s really what I missed!”

醋溜土豆丝 is a dish in which shreded potato is soaked in the water for tens of minutes, and fried with a small amount of vinegar. It is very脆 crispy. (I don’t think it is exactly “crispy”, because it is not like crumpets. Do you have another suitable word? )
清炒藕片 is a dish of fried thin sliced lotus root, which is also very 脆。
空心菜 is a kind of green vegetable whose stalk is hollow. The dish would taste better with minced garlic in it. It’s very yummy!!