Good Friends Overseas海外存知己(2)

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Jul 26, 2011 20:22
On the morning of Day2, we visited Tiananmen and Forbidden City, the headquarter of Confucius Institute afternoon. It was my third visit to Forbidden City and I thought there was nothing special about it as those imperial antiques were not open to tourists. Everytime, we just made a quick visit on the axis from the front gate to the postern and only appreciated some architecture. However graniose they were, the similar buildings were just aesthetically reduntant. Given a chance, I would like to go to the Louvre in Paris, in which unequaled artwork like Mona Lisa are exhibited.

After visit to the Temple of Heaven on Day 3, we went back to the hotel and packed our luggage, ready for boarding and flying to Changsha, where the competition was held. During those/the three days, I’d been familiar with everyone in our group and we’d become very good friends. On the bus to the airport, a British young guy named Peter sat beside me. His Chinese was(is??) amazing and he got the first place in the preliminaries held in Britan. He often gave such native expressions that astonished me so much! For example, there was a female director on the bus. She always had a muffler cocooning her hair and it was hot those days! He described her like this, “这女的,只要风度不要温度.” I would never expect this from the British guy sitting next to me! And he said that in such a fluent and natural way! “只要风度不要温度” is usually used to describe a person who wears little when it is extremly cold, in order to be fasionable. And he apparently knew this expression and was able to extend the meaning.